[15:11] Şɩɭӄȩɳ™ Ʈųŗƅø (silken.tremor): Group Notice Sent by: Silken Tremor
HAI HAI EVERYONE! Would anyone like to volunteer to cover for Pale from 4 - 6PM tonight??? :D
[15:12] Picky (misspebbles): Hi, if it is still free, I can do it
[15:13] Şɩɭӄȩɳ™ Ʈųŗƅø (silken.tremor): Okies Pocky :) Thank you
[15:13] Picky (misspebbles): yw.
[15:14] Picky (misspebbles): I will spin techno
[15:15] Şɩɭӄȩɳ™ Ʈųŗƅø (silken.tremor): Okies :)
[15:15] Picky (misspebbles): :)
[15:21] Picky (misspebbles): may I have the icecast stream pls?
[15:22] Şɩɭӄȩɳ™ Ʈųŗƅø (silken.tremor): You're using IceCast?
[15:22] Picky (misspebbles): yep
[15:23] Şɩɭӄȩɳ™ Ʈųŗƅø (silken.tremor): the club uses ShoutCast. What software are you using?
[15:23] Picky (misspebbles): can u place my stream?
[15:24] Picky (misspebbles): I use traktor
[15:24] Şɩɭӄȩɳ™ Ʈųŗƅø (silken.tremor): Did no one get with you on .. nevermind. sec
[15:24] Picky (misspebbles): nope
[15:38] 影 cUrSEDuck Aragami 影 (curseddarkangel): 4pm host reporting in :3
[15:40] Ary Winchester (madameary): Have fun, Duckeh <3
[15:42] Picky (misspebbles): [15:24] Şɩɭӄȩɳ™ Ʈųŗƅø (silken.tremor): We use a club stream here
[15:24] Picky (misspebbles): if the owner sells streamks, he must have icecast
[15:24] Picky (misspebbles): streams*
[15:43] Picky (misspebbles): [15:25] Picky (misspebbles): Protocol: SHOUTcast (v1)
[15:25] Şɩɭӄȩɳ™ Ʈųŗƅø (silken.tremor): We do sell IceCast and Shoutcast streams
[15:25] Picky (misspebbles): traktor doesn't work with shoutcast
[15:25] Şɩɭӄȩɳ™ Ʈųŗƅø (silken.tremor): The club stream is ShoutCast
[15:25] Şɩɭӄȩɳ™ Ʈųŗƅø (silken.tremor): Yes I know this
[15:25] Picky (misspebbles): find an icecast pls
[15:25] Şɩɭӄȩɳ™ Ʈųŗƅø (silken.tremor): you're kidding me right
[15:25] Picky (misspebbles): u are kidding me rigfht
[15:26] Picky (misspebbles): I have my icecast
[15:26] Picky (misspebbles): put it there and that is the end of the problem
[15:28] Şɩɭӄȩɳ™ Ʈųŗƅø (silken.tremor): Hold on just a sec please :D
[15:28] Picky (misspebbles): k
[15:32] Şɩɭӄȩɳ™ Ʈųŗƅø (silken.tremor): All of our Djs use the club stream and we have our reasons why this is. So you'll have to find a way to get connected to it other than Traktor, or get Traktor connected to
[15:43] Picky (misspebbles): SHoutCast
[15:33] Picky (misspebbles): I am not going to look now how I can use it with another software
[15:33] Picky (misspebbles): so pls
[15:34] Şɩɭӄȩɳ™ Ʈųŗƅø (silken.tremor): Fastest easiest way:
[15:34] Şɩɭӄȩɳ™ Ʈųŗƅø (silken.tremor): https://sourceforge.net/projects/butt/
[15:34] Picky (misspebbles): I have never had a problem in any club because I use traktor, this will be the 1st club
[15:35] Picky (misspebbles): the club must have icecast
[15:35] Picky (misspebbles): I am not the only 1 who uses traktor
[15:35] Şɩɭӄȩɳ™ Ʈųŗƅø (silken.tremor): We use our own club stream for all DJ sets. Some clubs do this some do not, We do. If you can't or won't work with that than we will have to part ways. That's how it goes.
[15:36] Picky (misspebbles): are u serious?
[15:36] Picky (misspebbles): I am trying to help and u come with thsi shit
[15:37] Şɩɭӄȩɳ™ Ʈųŗƅø (silken.tremor): Ua know. I am really trying to be nice bit your working me lol You really
[15:43] Picky (misspebbles): really are
[15:38] Picky (misspebbles): so tell me how to configure it
[15:38] Picky (misspebbles): if it is sooo easy
[15:43] Picky (misspebbles): [15:39] Şɩɭӄȩɳ™ Ʈųŗƅø (silken.tremor): sure 'll tell ya. But for the record, you should already know :D
[15:40] Picky (misspebbles): since SL sells icecast and shoputcast I do not need to know anything
[15:40] Şɩɭӄȩɳ™ Ʈųŗƅø (silken.tremor): https://youtu.be/s8-1oTb3Js0
[15:41] Şɩɭӄȩɳ™ Ʈųŗƅø (silken.tremor): KNow what. Thank you for the offer but I'm not doing this. You're free to stay as a VIP, but you are NOT working here lol
[15:42] Şɩɭӄȩɳ™ Ʈųŗƅø (silken.tremor): You have been ejected from 'The Link :: Staff' by Silken Tremor.
[15:43] Picky (misspebbles): LOL, this goes to facebook!!!
[15:45] Picky (misspebbles): good luck, and u are so rude and u have no clue how to deal with djs....
[15:46] 影 cUrSEDuck Aragami 影 (curseddarkangel): well one thing to say. if you want to work at a place.. you need to make sure you are able to use their equipment (in that case the stream) If you can't it's not the club's fault ;)
[15:46] Jorge Blackbart: Picky... u need a transcoder for Traktor
[15:46] Picky (misspebbles): LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL
[15:46] Cygnostik Flux: Go learn to be a real DJ and stop being so rude.
[15:46] Şɩɭӄȩɳ™ Ʈųŗƅø (silken.tremor): Actually.. think before you speak. Not only do I know how to deal with DJs... I am one IN REAL LIFE... loser lol
[15:46] Şɩɭӄȩɳ™ Ʈųŗƅø (silken.tremor): https://www.mixcloud.com/Minxi_Mayhem
[15:46] Jorge Blackbart: Traktor doesn't use Shoutcast
[15:46] Picky (misspebbles): they sell icecast and they don't have icecast for djs who use traktor, what kind of joke is it?
[15:47] Cygnostik Flux: She knows. She just didn't want to hassle with shoutcast....
[15:47] Picky (misspebbles): lol silken
[15:47] Jorge Blackbart: well... she should.
[15:47] Picky (misspebbles): congrats, I am a teacher who has also got a souncloudf and mixcloud
[15:47] Jorge Blackbart: always a good thing to learn
[15:48] Şɩɭӄȩɳ™ Ʈųŗƅø (silken.tremor): Please ignore the troll everyone
[15:48] 影 cUrSEDuck Aragami 影 (curseddarkangel): agree with Jorge there
[15:48] Picky (misspebbles): troll, ur mother
[15:48] Cygnostik Flux: Come on, grow up already.
[15:48] Picky (misspebbles): if u were a dj in RL, u will be spinning in clubs and not sitting in front of a pc
[15:48] Şɩɭӄȩɳ™ Ʈųŗƅø (silken.tremor): My mom us actually a hardcore bitch, not so much a troll lol
[15:49] Cygnostik Flux: If you can't be bothered to learn something new.... it's fine. In this case it just doesn't fit here.
[15:49] Şɩɭӄȩɳ™ Ʈųŗƅø (silken.tremor): Like that makes any sense lol
[15:49] Picky (misspebbles): I can learn but not 20 mins b4 the set
[15:49] Cygnostik Flux: I told you Picky from the start we weren't going to hire you and you pushed it until you got in. Leave with some dignity.
[15:49] Picky (misspebbles): are u kidding me Cyg?
[15:49] Picky (misspebbles): I pushed what????????
[15:49] Picky (misspebbles): are u kidding me man?
[15:49] Cygnostik Flux: If you're not ready to do a cover set then you're not ready you don't have to explode about it.
[15:50] Picky (misspebbles): [2018/05/11 21:51] Picky (misspebbles): if u think I have something to do with the stream@ the event, why u don't ask me directly?
[2018/05/11 21:51] Picky (misspebbles): I have nothing to do, I was given the tag of manager & I just played music
[2018/05/11 21:52] Cygnostik Flux: I can't right now, the employee who was handling the sponsorship isn't online right now for clarification.
[2018/05/11 21:52] Picky (misspebbles): I didn't choose anything.
[2018/05/11 21:52] Cygnostik Flux: Understood.
[2018/05/11 21:53] Cygnostik Flux: I wasn't too sure if there was a simple misunderstanding or not.
[2018/05/11 21:53] Picky (misspebbles): I just wanted to use the stream and the details were strong. That is how Rah got to know what was happening
[2018/05/11 21:53] Cygnostik Flux: Given history with people like that trashbag Raz I didn't anticipate your interest in the link.
[2018/05/11 21:54] Cygnostik Flux: Given that, I didn't look into the issue more.
[2018/05/11 21:55] Picky (misspebbles): I had my problems
[15:50] Picky (misspebbles): with Razor cause I hate people who try to manipulate u
[2018/05/11 21:55] Picky (misspebbles): so I am very sincere and speak the truth and that is something that ppl don't like
[2018/05/11 21:57] Cygnostik Flux: hahah there's a lot more reasons to dislike him that just that hahahaha
[2018/05/11 21:58] Picky (misspebbles): well... maybe u are right
[2018/05/11 21:58] Picky (misspebbles): lmao
[2018/05/11 21:58] Cygnostik Flux: Well you've got Silken ready to you get set up right?
[2018/05/11 21:58] Picky (misspebbles): but believe me, I have nothing to do with renting anything for the event.
[2018/05/11 21:59] Picky (misspebbles): I am just Alba's friend. No decissions
[2018/05/11 22:00] Cygnostik Flux: I got ya. Understood.
[2018/05/11 22:00] Picky (misspebbles): k, thx
[15:50] Cygnostik Flux: I had already told you before you'd need to use shoutcast
[15:50] Picky (misspebbles): LIARRRRRRRRRRRRRR
[15:50] Cygnostik Flux: You past a partial of a months old conversation to call someone out as a liar?
[15:50] Şɩɭӄȩɳ™ Ʈųŗƅø (silken.tremor): Just wow. lol you really want to make a world of enemies needlessly dont you? lol
[15:50] Cygnostik Flux: How much time did you waste to dig that up?
[15:50] Picky (misspebbles): I didn't push anyone, u insist that I convinced someone of not buying ur stream... gosh... u are totally crazy
[15:51] Picky (misspebbles): in 2 seconds
[15:51] Picky (misspebbles): cause I never talk to u, so it is there, fast to find
[15:51] Şɩɭӄȩɳ™ Ʈųŗƅø (silken.tremor): Staff chat is never this exciting. We need to spice it up more lol
[15:51] 影 cUrSEDuck Aragami 影 (curseddarkangel): lol
[15:51] Cygnostik Flux: Your being considered for DJ and that whole thing were different issues dear.
[15:51] Picky (misspebbles): sure, call me and can do it in 1 second since I always tell the truth
[15:52] Jorge Blackbart: Silken :D ehehehe
[15:53] Picky (misspebbles): but np, give me time to let people know how u deal with djs. In the end there is no difference between u and Razor
[15:53] Şɩɭӄȩɳ™ Ʈųŗƅø (silken.tremor): All this because this person refuses to find a way to use the club stream like everyone else does and wants to be catered to.
[15:53] Cygnostik Flux: That was a particularly rude thing to say, totally uncalled for and doesn't even make any sense.
[15:54] Şɩɭӄȩɳ™ Ʈųŗƅø (silken.tremor): And was fired for this rude and terrible behavior
[15:54] Cygnostik Flux: You didn't have to do the set. It would have been ok to pass this one up picky.
[15:54] Picky (misspebbles): TERRIBLE BEHAVIOUR... u are so hurting my feelings... lol
[15:54] Şɩɭӄȩɳ™ Ʈųŗƅø (silken.tremor): YOu know. If I stepped in to a club and acted this way, I wouldnt get work. Like EVER lol
[15:54] Picky (misspebbles): this is the 2nd time this woman has a problem with me
[15:55] Picky (misspebbles): so ythat means she doesn't know how to handle people
[15:55] Şɩɭӄȩɳ™ Ʈųŗƅø (silken.tremor): But you make life so cheery lol
[15:55] Picky (misspebbles): seriously Silken, sorry RL dj
[15:55] Picky (misspebbles): lmao
[15:55] 影 cUrSEDuck Aragami 影 (curseddarkangel): and you don't know how to handle a job it seems to me :p
[15:55] Picky (misspebbles): lol
[15:55] Şɩɭӄȩɳ™ Ʈųŗƅø (silken.tremor): Yeppers. Been since 2003
[15:56] Picky (misspebbles): I spin in so many important clubs that I don't give a fuck
[15:56] Picky (misspebbles): LOLLLLLLLLLLLLL
[15:56] 影 cUrSEDuck Aragami 影 (curseddarkangel): like? XD
[15:56] Şɩɭӄȩɳ™ Ʈųŗƅø (silken.tremor): Second Life doesnt counr
[15:56] Şɩɭӄȩɳ™ Ʈųŗƅø (silken.tremor): *count
[15:56] Picky (misspebbles): well, I am a teacher and I work at schools, u are a RL dj and u are sitting in front of a pc
[15:57] Picky (misspebbles): at home
[15:57] Picky (misspebbles): lol
[15:57] Şɩɭӄȩɳ™ Ʈųŗƅø (silken.tremor): Your a teacher who cant teach themselves how to use Traktor properly
[15:57] Picky (misspebbles): I teach kids
[15:57] Picky (misspebbles): darling
[15:57] Şɩɭӄȩɳ™ Ʈųŗƅø (silken.tremor): Or find an alternative to work with Shoutcast
[15:57] Picky (misspebbles): try to follow the topic, nothing to do
[15:57] Şɩɭӄȩɳ™ Ʈųŗƅø (silken.tremor): I feel for them. I really do
[15:57] Cygnostik Flux: Teach yourself some patience then. And come back later on.
[15:58] 影 cUrSEDuck Aragami 影 (curseddarkangel): +1 silken
[15:58] 影 cUrSEDuck Aragami 影 (curseddarkangel): +1 Cyg
[15:58] Picky (misspebbles): LMAO
[15:58] Picky (misspebbles): SO PATHETIC
[15:58] Cygnostik Flux: We do offer it to DJs
[15:58] Cygnostik Flux: you miss the point
[15:58] Cygnostik Flux: The club stream is shoutcast.
[15:58] Şɩɭӄȩɳ™ Ʈųŗƅø (silken.tremor): Oh and teach yourself to close the Staff chat window so we can get on with our day.. PLEASE
[15:58] 影 cUrSEDuck Aragami 影 (curseddarkangel): and you're pathetic to refuse to understand how various systems in clubs might work ;)
[15:58] Cygnostik Flux: DJs use the club stream.
[15:58] Picky (misspebbles): this asshole had me mins telling me she couldn't give me the stream
[15:59] Şɩɭӄȩɳ™ Ʈųŗƅø (silken.tremor): Yeah, cos I thought you knew how to lol
[15:59] Cygnostik Flux: What does give you the stream even mean?
[15:59] Picky (misspebbles): curse, who are u? never saw u in my life
[15:59] Şɩɭӄȩɳ™ Ʈųŗƅø (silken.tremor): You kow.. do your job DJing on SL
[15:59] Picky (misspebbles): lol
[15:59] Şɩɭӄȩɳ™ Ʈųŗƅø (silken.tremor): *know
[15:59] 影 cUrSEDuck Aragami 影 (curseddarkangel): also. if you couldn't care less because you work at "more important clubs". then why DO you bother here RIGHT NOW? X'D
[15:59] Cygnostik Flux hands picky a stream and sends her on her way
[15:59] Picky (misspebbles): cause I am bored
[15:59] Picky (misspebbles): hahahahaha
[15:59] Picky (misspebbles): and I want to see how pathetic u are
[16:00] Şɩɭӄȩɳ™ Ʈųŗƅø (silken.tremor): Here. If you know what LAME is and how to install it
[16:00] Şɩɭӄȩɳ™ Ʈųŗƅø (silken.tremor): https://www.mixxx.org/
[16:00] Şɩɭӄȩɳ™ Ʈųŗƅø (silken.tremor): Now you have no excuses
[16:00] Şɩɭӄȩɳ™ Ʈųŗƅø (silken.tremor): AND
[16:00] Şɩɭӄȩɳ™ Ʈųŗƅø (silken.tremor): Its fREE
[16:00] Picky (misspebbles): to run a club and hire pathetic ppl to work for u
[16:00] 影 cUrSEDuck Aragami 影 (curseddarkangel): then go to your more important clubs and enjoy your time there instead of bothering people with your ignorance~
[16:00] Cygnostik Flux: You're really genuinely just a terrible person aren't you picky?
[16:00] Picky (misspebbles): sure on Friday I will be at Boiler Room
[16:00] Jorge Blackbart: the time you are making all this drama here Picky you would have gotten traktor streaming to shoutcast
[16:01] Picky (misspebbles): Saturday at Nook and Sunday at Sounbooth, see u all adds made for free
[16:01] Picky (misspebbles): Jorgito mind ur business
[16:01] 影 cUrSEDuck Aragami 影 (curseddarkangel): wow never heard from them XD
[16:01] Picky (misspebbles): cause u are a freaky noob
[16:01] Şɩɭӄȩɳ™ Ʈųŗƅø (silken.tremor): I gave her a tutorial fo doing it.. see I was being nice but,,,
[16:02] Jorge Blackbart: :D
[16:02] Cygnostik Flux: Boiler room is an entirely different kind of club, don't flaunt it around here like their size or quality of DJs matters. They're great but that's what they do, not what we do.
[16:02] Cygnostik Flux: Picky doing this in staff chat makes it everyone's business.
[16:02] Picky (misspebbles): she made me download butt and gave me the link to winamp
[16:02] Picky (misspebbles): LMAORL dj
[16:03] Cygnostik Flux: Nobody made you anything.
[16:03] Jorge Blackbart: I'm a freaking noob with traktor on shoutcast and being a dj for 20 years? yay... awesome... I would even teach you how to DJ with tapes over to shoutcast... but I rather not :D
[16:03] Picky (misspebbles): [15:40] Şɩɭӄȩɳ™ Ʈųŗƅø (silken.tremor): https://youtu.be/s8-1oTb3Js0
[16:03] Cygnostik Flux: You made yourself out to be a very inconsiderate person though with no manners.
[16:03] Picky (misspebbles): [15:34] Şɩɭӄȩɳ™ Ʈųŗƅø (silken.tremor): https://sourceforge.net/projects/butt/
[16:03] Cygnostik Flux: If I send you a link on how to uninstall SL will you do that too?
[16:04] Picky (misspebbles): same manners as u Cyg
[16:04] Picky (misspebbles): I bet u learnt them from ur friend Razor
[16:04] Cygnostik Flux: Compare yourself all you'd like to me hun.
[16:04] Cygnostik Flux: You're the one doing all this crap, probably because you're his cock-holster.
[16:04] 影 cUrSEDuck Aragami 影 (curseddarkangel): Cyg has some unlike you Picky. might explain your name even... picky picky you.
[16:04] Picky (misspebbles): I remember u supporting Razor with all ur heart
[16:05] Cygnostik Flux: With all my heart? You wouldn't know heart if it slapped you upside the head.
[16:05] Picky (misspebbles): lol
[16:05] 影 cUrSEDuck Aragami 影 (curseddarkangel): lmao nice one Cyg
[16:06] Picky (misspebbles): great, I have new things for a new episode on FB
[16:06] Picky (misspebbles): thx a lot
[16:07] Picky (misspebbles): I hope after this u won't be stalking me in clubs as Razor did. lol u are so alike
[16:07] Cygnostik Flux: You're welcome drama queen. Enjoy.
[16:07] Picky (misspebbles): muahsss my admirer
[16:08] Picky (misspebbles): I am queen Bee of course
[16:08] Cygnostik Flux stairs with disdain.
[16:08] Cygnostik Flux: Tell us more oh queen bee
[16:08] Picky (misspebbles): just ask my dear
[16:08] Picky (misspebbles): Razor, sorry Cyg
[16:09] Şɩɭӄȩɳ™ Ʈųŗƅø (silken.tremor): Thanks to Floreo that show is now over
[16:09] Cygnostik Flux: Very cute. Still not impressed.
[16:09] Floreo: :)
[16:10] Picky (misspebbles): aren't u ? I bet I can impressed u more than u think
[16:10] 影 cUrSEDuck Aragami 影 (curseddarkangel): *grabs popcorn
[16:11] Cygnostik Flux: That I would love to see
[16:11] Picky (misspebbles) grabs Curse's popcorn and runs away
[16:11] Cygnostik Flux: *being rude doesn't count.
[16:11] 影 cUrSEDuck Aragami 影 (curseddarkangel): *sends my battle drones after your ass
[16:13] Cygnostik Flux: Funny how as much of a rotten egg Razor was, sometimes when he said someone was a childish, entitled bitch who just liked to cause problems... he was right.
[16:13] Cygnostik Flux: Still a dick.
[16:13] Picky (misspebbles): see?
[16:13] 影 cUrSEDuck Aragami 影 (curseddarkangel): indeed sometimes he was right
[16:14] Picky (misspebbles): u love him
[16:14] Picky (misspebbles): esp when he stalked me
[16:14] 影 cUrSEDuck Aragami 影 (curseddarkangel): I think you love him more Picky XD
[16:14] 影 cUrSEDuck Aragami 影 (curseddarkangel): I mean why else would you bring him up in the first place?
[16:14] Cygnostik Flux: The only thing that stalks you is AIDS and it'll get to you soon enough.
[16:14] Cygnostik Flux: And how many times?
[16:15] Picky (misspebbles): wow
[16:15] Cygnostik Flux: She knew it would get noticed when she shares the chats & make it seem relevant.
[16:15] Picky (misspebbles): u are so polite
[16:15] Cygnostik Flux: You need to go away.
[16:15] 影 cUrSEDuck Aragami 影 (curseddarkangel): yeeeh but made a wrong move in doing so~
[16:15] Picky (misspebbles): yes, after copying all this especially the AIDS PART and send it to Linden Lab
[16:16] 影 cUrSEDuck Aragami 影 (curseddarkangel): oh! make sure you'll copy the part where you pasted IM logs in too! :D
[16:16] Cygnostik Flux: You can't mention AIDS as if it's a person with a personality engaging in fictional actions?
[16:17] Cygnostik Flux: Yeah btw, picky, you did actually break the rules on that one.
[16:17] 影 cUrSEDuck Aragami 影 (curseddarkangel): really? it's not allowed to talk about AIDS?
[16:17] 影 cUrSEDuck Aragami 影 (curseddarkangel): aw did my teacher break laws when they educated us about viruses?
[16:18] Cygnostik Flux: Definitely don't mention my sponsorships in the LA aids walks either. that'd be bad.
[16:18] 影 cUrSEDuck Aragami 影 (curseddarkangel): XD
[16:20] 影 cUrSEDuck Aragami 影 (curseddarkangel): I still smell picky here :p
[16:26] Floreo: she left...
[16:27] 影 cUrSEDuck Aragami 影 (curseddarkangel): yeah now she's gone
[16:27] 影 cUrSEDuck Aragami 影 (curseddarkangel): took a while XD
[16:28] Şɩɭӄȩɳ™ Ʈųŗƅø (silken.tremor): good
[16:29] Şɩɭӄȩɳ™ Ʈųŗƅø (silken.tremor): Again, I am so sorry everyone *hugs*
[16:29] 影 cUrSEDuck Aragami 影 (curseddarkangel): group cuddlez! :D
[16:29] Cygnostik Flux: :)
[16:29] 影 cUrSEDuck Aragami 影 (curseddarkangel): I think mentioning the TOS made her chicken out XD
[16:29] Cygnostik Flux: Just got done, she had to drag the rest of what she had to say to my IM.

Direct IMs:
[16:17] Picky (misspebbles): [16:17] Cygnostik Flux: Yeah btw, picky, you did actually break the rules on that one.

[16:17] Picky (misspebbles): I cannot answer cause someone silenced me
[16:18] Picky (misspebbles): so I will tell u this, do not fuck with me cause u don’t know me at all
[16:18] Picky (misspebbles): u have no idea of what the worst means
[16:19] Picky (misspebbles): ask ur friend Razor and look where he ended
[16:19] Cygnostik Flux: Funny because you don’t know me at all and you did a lot of shit talking back there.
[16:20] Cygnostik Flux: What happened to him had nothing to do with you. I had to hear all of his complaining all the time Right up to the end.
[16:20] Picky (misspebbles): that happens because u have assholes working for u. all this just because a stream, it is insane
[16:20] Cygnostik Flux: At least we can keep calm about it.
[16:22] Picky (misspebbles): isn’t it insane? gosh… I never had a problem because of traktor… and this woman drove me crazy
[16:23] Cygnostik Flux: Let’s face it. The whole thing is really my fault. My gut has always been not to hire you, strongly. I knew it was the wrong thing to do. But I let it happen. Regardless of what you think about a dedicated and loyal staff that I care a great deal about – this one was all my fault. For that I do apologize.
[16:23] Picky (misspebbles): and I was listening to my friend Drushila at the Hilt with Ale and she told me, hey spin they need help…
[16:23] Picky (misspebbles): lord, I shouldn’t have heard her
[16:23] Cygnostik Flux: It’s not your fault.
[16:24] Cygnostik Flux: Ale’s a real sweety and just wants everyone to be happy.
[16:25] Picky (misspebbles): well, but come on. U sell streams, how on earth don’t u have an icecast for the club?
[16:25] Picky (misspebbles): when u know perfectly well that lots of djs use traktor
[16:27] Cygnostik Flux: You miss the point. There’s one stream that plays constantly without interruption. Without any need for people to toggle because a DJ changes bitrates or takes too long to take over. That one stream that runs is shoutcast because it allows individual DJ logins. Other DJs with traktor work through it in the interest of versatility and experience. I wouldn’t expect you do just suddenly be prepared for that. I thought I told you before you’d want to sort that part out first.
[16:27] Picky (misspebbles): nope
[16:27] Cygnostik Flux: We’ve got like 3 DJs that use traktor, excluding me because I’m always too busy.
[16:28] Picky (misspebbles): but never mind. I don’t have any problems in the other places I spin., Thx
[16:28] Cygnostik Flux: I’ve given you my take on it. That’s all I have to say now. Thanks anyway & be well.